How to Reduce Screen Time, First step for success!

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For most of our days, we spend our time staring at our mobile screen for some people 14 – 16 hours per day or for 3-5 hours. So this is why you have come here because you might be in the category of 14 to 16 hours a day which is more than half a day.

But don’t worry here we will tell you which is the best way to reduce screen time or I must say the best way to control your screen time as mobile phones are now an important part of all of our life’s. So here are some of the best ways to reduce screen time without a fight.

Track how much time you are spending on your screen and get a clear picture.

I am sure that you might haven’t checked how much time you actually using your mobile phone per day. So first get a clear picture of how much time you actually spending while staring at the screens. There are many apps in the Play Store and App Store which keep track of the screen time and in the week or month-end, it shows proper charts showing your usage category-wise (Entertainment, productivity, calls, social networking, etc…).

Limit your time on social media.

It’s a reason to keep this point on top of all as for most of the people social network is the main cause of increased screen time. Social media’s main objective is to always keep you in the app (I recommend you to see a Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma which says all about the bad effects of social media). So that means if their social media platform finds that you are slowing down or stop checking your social media site, they will ping you with a notification that will attract you back very quickly so face this hard fact after this you can’t resist to check the apps again and again and again. So, stop noticing by switching off the notifications of all social media and use them in your own way when you have super free time. Don’t let social media use you in their way.

Log Out or deactivate.

I think the first best way is to deactivate your account. I know this may be hard for you but trust me most of you think this might cut you off from the world believe me that’s not true at all.

And the second-best way is you log out or log off. Log out when you are at your work specially and why not you just change your password and don’t save your password in the device. Might be your laziness help you not going again and again to the website and enter a password every time. So, this can be a small move to reduce your addiction to social media. Why not give it a try?

Spend time with your family.

Explain to yourself that it’s important to sit less and move more to stay fit and healthy. Spending time with your family will make relations good between everyone as some families have communication gaps and excessive screen time is the main reason as most of the people find using mobile phones are more enjoyable than spending time with family.

Start working on your hobby.

Why don’t you start working on your hobby? As this will give you happiness and easily forgot about your mobiles. Just understand simple logic you use your mobile phones as you enjoy most may be spending time on social media, maybe stalking peoples on social media, or might be playing game. Why don’t you start working on your hobby so which is more enjoyable than staring at your mobile phones?

Eat your meals without a screen.

It may seem tempting to use your meal break time to catch up with online entertainment videos or social media. Just give your eyes rest, you may likely to enjoy your food more.

Don’t charge your phone in bedroom.

Don’t charge your phone next to your bed as it will definitely tempt you to check for messages and notifications or even the time if you wake up during the night. This will disrupt the sleep pattern which may create many mental problems and physically too.

Think other way to get information.

This may be hard to hear but I am here with the truth you don’t actually have to know everything and find it out on the internet. When someone starts talking about something you don’t have to automatically launch the google and search for it instead, leave your phone and listen to the information they are bringing instead of asking google ask the actual people and have an actual conversation, and enjoy learning in real life for a change.

Read books.

Most of the successful people tell us about the importance of reading books. I will write another blog about this interesting topic. But for now just remember that Elon Musk, Bill Gates tells us reading books will help you to be rich and more knowledgeable.


Take a minute to sit still with your mind, totally in the present moment, take your awareness through each part of your body from head to toe. It’s a fantastic moment and this will help in your stressful day by keeping your brain calm in every difficult situation which can give a better understanding and focusing your mind on problem-solving. Bdw the more you enjoy spending time with yourself automatically the less you need a screen to comfort you for sure.

Invest in an actual Alarm Clock.

So instead of using mobile phones as an alarm clock, which requires you to keep the phone in the bedroom, use an alarm clock to get up in the morning.

Bonus Fact.

As we started our aim of this is not actually making 16 hours to 0 hours a day. Don’t let mobile and social media use you instead use mobile and social media for your success. So, our aim is to control screen time by not wasting too much time while staring at the screen.

Use mobile phones while working out by listening motivational or helpful podcast.

Use Phones to earn money by investing in the stock market and mutual funds (For Mutual Funds, I invest here! you should also – to build the wealth ‘Let money work hard for you to grow’)

At least this way your screen time is being used to help you in other parts of your life. Comment your current screen time & return in a month and tell everyone how much screen time you have after. We will love to hear from you and this will motivate others too.

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